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A travel agent is still the only unbiased source of information for the traveller. Internet sites only give access to a particular suppliers selling structure and fare structure. This limits the traveller’s choice. The fares being accessed will not necessarily be the best available deal or the best available routing. Even if the traveller is a frequent flyer with a particular airline, the price of the fare versus the number of points that will be earned is still not necessarily the best deal. But it takes time and experience to find out things that an agent can get for a client within minutes through their computer reservations systems and special contacts.


Sabre Connected  

Darebin Travel is connected to the largest reservation system in the world, Sabre . There are more than 100000 terminals , with over 1800 airlines , more than 100,000 hotels and just about all car hire companies cruises and tour companies.

Sabre is a virtual private network for Airlines and Travel Companies. This system is used in the back ground of Expedia , , Travelocity, and many airline internet sites .

Our staff are fully certified on this system; our consultation will be very accurate, with this very powerful tool.

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View Your Reservation

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Google Play

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Apple Store 

​Allow us to control your reservation and you can view all changes instantly. Other systems also available , select from Google Play or Apple Store, download image.

We hope the helpful links page will assist you prepare for your trip. You can link to the Australian Passport Office to renew your passport. Link to our Visa application service to check visa requirements to the countries you are to visit. Check health requirements . Checkout the rail timetables , track a flight , and much more.

Should the airline misplace your luggage there is a link to the baggage tracking service , you can update addresses and descriptions .

Tips for packing , electricity plug information for the world .

Try it and see.

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